The Historic McMurray Building

The Black Mountain Heritage Mural is displayed on the exterior wall of White Horse Black Mountain in the historic McMurray Building.
The building originally housed the Kaiser Automotive Dealership which was owned and operated by A. Garland.   William McMurray bought the building and moved his McMurray Chevrolet Dealership into the building. (The business was also known as Black Mountain Chevrolet).

When McMurray Chevrolet moved to a new location, the building was rented for several purposes including warehouse space, an climbing center, and other uses.

In November of 2008, Bob Hinkle and Kim Hughes leased the building and opened a music and arts venue called White Horse Black Mountain.

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Public Art in Black Mountain

Here are some other examples public art in the Town of Black Mountain.

Swannanoa Valley Museum

The Swannanoa Valley Museum has served the Western North Carolina community since 1989 as Buncombe County’s primary museum of general local history. The history of the region is interpreted in a unique collection of photos and artifacts from the Swannanoa Valley that relate in microcosm the history of the settlement not only of the Swannanoa Valley, but also of Buncombe County and Western North Carolina.
The Museum is located at 223 W. State Street in Black Mountain, in the former Black Mountain Fire House, designed and built in 1921 by Richard Sharp Smith, supervising architect at the Biltmore Estate.
The Swannanoa Valley Museum is open April through October, Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday noon to 4 p.m.. Closed on Sunday and Mondays. Admission $2, Members and students free.
The Swannanoa Valley Museum preserves and interprets the social, cultural and natural history of the Swannanoa Valley, a pathway to Western North Carolina, by developing dynamic programs and engaging exhibitions for the education and enrichment of the community, its children, and future generations.

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The Swannanoa Valley in Verse

Swannanoa Nymph of Beauty

The Brave's Farewell

The Swanannoa Valley in Song

Swannanoa Tunnel

Swannanoa (Where Are You Going)

Swannanoa Waltz